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I’d support this, but then they’ll change its camo value and that would kill this tank. Su 100-Y is OP only against clueless noobs, it can’t hit anything on the move and it has the camo of the building with very little armor to speak of. WoT is a "Free To Play", not a "Pay To Win" g ame. Well mate, i’m not unicum like you but i’m not red either so NO, i won’t change my nick. So no increase in weight is needed IF they resize it, and camo+mobility MUST stay the same, otherwise it’s a completely different tank. These days the manufacturer want to controll the flow as mush as possible. Prove me that I am wrong … It will most probably be E25 or SU-122-44. It’s very hard to hit and this is going to be worse when accuracy nerf hits publicserver. World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. Tell me how that little bugger weights over 26 TONS as it does now, that weight is completely unrealistic in comparison to its size, hell you can even ram-kill slightly bigger tanks in it. When WG reduces view range and camo of other tanks, should they charge you extra because your premium vehicle just got better? When I first got it I could go up a couple of hills and snipe the heck out of people. And we all know what happens when premium stuff gets nerfed in any way. Si tratta di un nerf? World of Tanks on Console — KNOW YOUR WAR! Great players can just own with this thing and it’s not cool when you get raped from 300 meters without chance of doing anything. For Reference. Next u ask for ausf.-j nerf… 1 miracle a year is enough. Pls change your Nick to RedBaron101. Il livello 7 premium E 25 è stato depotenziato? I asked about it some folks at WG RU. I hope they change the size to the original, it is so ridiculous how small it is ingame. On the other hand sales for certain T8 premiums might have gone up due to beginners needing some tanks with punch to get the top mission goals (get XXXX amount of damage) managable before they can grind such tank in several months. So Give me e25 or give me ban!! A lot of vehicles once dear are rendered obsolete completely in most settings. Size nerf? they are nerfing maps for snipers instead of nerfing that tanks. WG should really nerf it at least with fixing it is size to the correct meters. There was no need. It is more like that on tier 7 tanks have very bad viewrange so how could they see you if they barely have that 300 metre viewrange you stated. So far I havent seen a single “idiot” who would actually do any good with E 25. they are nerfing maps for snipers instead of nerfing that tanks. I f the larger size is coming with a slight loss of camo – I can live with that. Search section: This topic; Forums; Help Files ; World of Tanks Blitz official forum → Game Discussion → General Discussion → Vehicle Bay → … tanks.gg is a player created website for World of Tanks. Anyway lowtier balance is something WG should have a better eye on, not loosing more players and allowing people to play lowtiers without beeing labeled as sealclubber. I am pretty sure that Wargaming wants to avoid “another Super Pershing” (as well as “another SU-76I”), or at least I was told as such. Lunghezza, prima: 4,5 m; Doyle: 5,66 m Let’s have a look at how the sizes compare number-wise: Ingame width according to Storm: 2,78 meters If you've played any WoT, you know that WG can and will nerf premium vehicles. But of all the tanks on which the data is complete, there’s 114 tanks that didn’t get a discount at all. – Damn, “E25 fan club” in the action.. – *Grabs popcorn and waits for E25 lovers to react*”. “Furthermore, there are allegedly other historical documents, that show the current E-25 dimensions as correct.”. Think of the tears! tanks. Fix the size, do not touch the stats. And if you mention this, assunwiped monkeys come out of their caves, stating it is too rare to care about, because people hardly meet them, but broken tank owners are allowed to ruin the joy of lowtier battles for others, pure logic. You already see it in the development of team and clanwar games. ‘if you read the FTR evening QA regularily’ I read FTR every morning like it is religion! dont whine, the tank isnt even that OP (su-122-44 is more op ffs…). instead we get a tank with a paint job trying to be american by some Russians with no improvements. Comments Off on World of Tanks E 25 hd two more images. Ferdinand also got bigger, we got no refund. They could, and they CAN, nerf … Little kids are ruining this game. Ohhh, yeah. Or – to be specific: he did not admit it, he just listed the ingame client sizes. Dont be sily. After the cancellation of the Löwe project in the summer of 1942, Krupp continued development of new heavy tanks. yes I drive one, and have 6rings, which means lots of players play bad in it. I have E25 myself and even though a size change is a nerf I really really recommend doing something about it. If they really wanted to … Jump to content. So yeah, no, Wargaming removes the E25 just because they saw that it was to populare and as the KV5 they just want to avoid E25 spam at tier7. :) su100 in 6tier also op, or su 122 44 when its top tier. and introducing more city maps in new patches. The E 25 was developed by the Argus company (Karlsruhe, Germany) under the supervision of Dr. Herman Klaue. Then tier 4 to be more effective against tier 6 (if a buff to tier that low is even needed, usually most low tiers don’t have much armor)? But how would such change look on the model? and it cannot use them in city maps or in corridors which are WG’s favourite things these days. That’s it. 704? MOST Tier 7 TDs have too little HP. Aha..! This World of Tanks equipment guide will touch on what each piece of equipment in World of Tanks does and whether or not it is worth putting on your tank. Sadly, much like the German tree, most of the tanks in the British tree actually existed and actually fought – so they get the reality nerf – while the fantastic creatures from the Japanese, French, Czechs, and Soviets, remain delightfully free from such mundane concerns. Why You Need the Cavalier Tier 5 British Medium World of Tanks Sir Havoc. tho by comparison e25 150/194/38 rof 20 At15a 171/239/38 mm rof 13.9 Su122-44 Many might try ro convince you to use it, but most haven't played it post nerf. and note that game is being more city based day by day, and almost losing %90 of sniping spots in open maps also. it’s great DPM and great camo are the only strong sides of that tank. The Hetzer isn’t exactly a slouch when it comes to camo value, and that’s the size the E 25 seems it would go to. That is with E-25 having regular matchmaking. Player Stats. Jump to content. Players from other regions should expect it to be available on a different day for a similar price. Feel free to compare it to the SU-122-44. Even if you go by median … They should make it bigger, but compensate with something symbolic like oh look a bit better terrain resistance. World of Tanks news — read the latest news on the free MMO World of Tanks game, the best game for boys Larghezza, prima: 2,78 m; Doyle: 3.41 m Til its in the official release patch notes Its just a "in test" phase. NEW OP stupid tank LT-432, EBRss. That is my question! I own the tank and I’d be fine with a size “nerf”. Right now, a lot of idiots can do amazingly well in it due to it’s OP camo rating and that devastating gun. Existed only in blueprints. What bugs me most in this whole TD nerf discussion is that developers and players seem to be quite ignorant of how certain changes in only one branch is absolutely making the game losing depth.

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