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I love the vertical stacked and vertical offset bond. Definitely interested! Then the white ceramic subway tile was vertically stacked in between. Would you stay traditional brick lay in order to maintain realistic movement? That uneven “old world” tile is only cool in concept. LOL, Loved this post and how informative it is. It’s basically a design crime to not draw attention to tall ceilings, which is what the vertical stack tile does in this bathroom (by Australian firm Architects EAT). So amongst many other decisions, I poured over whether to stack or stagger the tile in the bathroom designs, which led me to larger questions. But we rely upon ads to keep all the posts free for you. Vintage Rose Subway | 9. This look works best in, like we said, a taller space or nook where you can fit in multiple rows. I’m thinking staggered is the better choice for me after reading this. Cool post! I love a good mood board or a crowd vote or a floor plan discussion from time to time. Next up is the hipper, younger … APPRECIATED. I noticed that with white stacked tile (horizontal or vertical) I immediately get a cold industrial feeling, unless the tiles are handmade with an uneven finish. Is staggering only okay in traditional homes? We didn’t go the route of staggered brick in any, instead opting for something that felt a little more in line with the modern-Scandi-mountain look we’re going for (the “rustic” part that Brian so badly craves comes in in other elements like the floors and other parts of the home, so don’t worry, he hasn’t been forgotten). I can’t tell. Save Pin It See More Images In this pattern, rows of tile are laid in slanted parallel lines, with the direction of the slant alternating row by row. Standard subway tiles are 3″x6″ (these appear to be about 3″x12″) so adjusting that ratio freshens the classic install a bit. It definitely helped even me feel more confidant that I wanted stacked in this house. It turned out that their prices and selection made it possible for us to stretch our budget and reno more spaces that 1st planned? Using simple clean and not too expensive tiles can still be fresh and new by choosing a different pattern layout. — In a kitchen renovation, what should you splurge on and what can be more economical? Vertical stack bond If elegant simplicity is your goal, install subway tiles in a vertically oriented stack bond pattern. [ [show-more]] That, and they’re easy to install, which makes them a perfect pick for a first-time DIY’er. OMG IS IT GOOD. Rack Mosaic in Linen | 12. Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to hire you, but until then, each email is a new “class” where I keep learning. (Because of the thickness of the walls, I couldn’t have the planned for pocket door OR shower niche so I still wanted something “special”.). I was worried I had made a horrible decision because of the age of my house. Standard subway tiles are 3″x6″ (these appear to be about 3″x12″) so adjusting that ratio freshens the classic install a bit. They are often glazed, white, and usually have a width twice as tall as … White oak fireplace is accented with a white penny tile mantel displaying a black candle holder, a silver oval ring vase and gray and gold textured wallpaper designed vertically over the mantle to give a tall ceiling appearance. 2. My favorite part of remodeling our home was choosing tile, and this is a fantastic resource for tile selection. Long and narrow bathroom boasts blue paint on upper walls and subway tile on lower walls accented with black pencil rail framing window dressed in white and blue vertically striped roman shade. Because the tile was super skinny (it’s one inch wide), Julie thought to take it and double stack it (and stagger it) and we LOVE IT. It’s design, not science so there are few absolute rights and wrongs, but it’s what felt appropriate, beautiful and timeless. S14 Satin | 19. 10. We’ve shared this bathroom by Decus Interiors in Australian a few times already for different blog purposes and while it would have probably been stunning with a staggered brick install of the tile (or even a horizontal stack), the vertical stack feels a little more unexpected and refreshing. The posts are full-on articles. Featured: Harbor Gray 3x9x8MM Subway Tile. Is stacking a 2018 style that will be dated in 2028? I loved it but then started panicking when I kept seeing posts online about how you should only stack tile in a modern space! Stacked long white kitchen shelves freely display white and glass kitchenware over a sink with a polished gooseneck faucet and a white marble countertop. But first, for those of you curious about what all this talk about stacked/staggered/staggered stacked even means, let’s dig into it: It’s my personal belief that you shouldn’t put a finish in a house that might not have existed when the house was made. This actually breaks it down into categories that make sense to me (I personally need someone to shove my nose into it before I “get it”…..so thanks!) It reminds me of a prison, or the bathrooms in my elementary school in the 80s. Related Posts. A kitchen hood accented with wainscoting stands over a white marble subway tile backsplash, flanked by windows, placed over a stainless steel stove. Harbor Gray. ; Tile spacers. I love how you included the side by side comparisons at the end. Vertically stacked, a washer and dryer along with a linen shelf, make up a simple, compact laundry room. Thank you – these educational posts with detail and photos are my absolute favorite and what makes me a dedicated reader. It’s kind of nice when the tiles look handmade, otherwise it’s too harsh and looks too contemporary (especially in an older house). I know that doesn’t exactly make sense, just feels that way, faddish somehow. Bright White Ice Beveled Ceramic Wall Tile | 4. I love your blog all the more for the times when you have spoken up because I know that when you focus on your great content and brand, it’s not because you are vapid and unaware of what’s happening in the world and our country. I’m slow to process/decide and we won’t be remodeling for at least a year so it all works out. Verticle tile lay, stacked inset for soap/shampoo - newcreationgroup. Weathered White Subway | 18. So informative as always! I am going to use your fireclay! It does set y’all apart, fs. Sky blue subway tiles installed vertically in a bathroom featuring a white and tan washstand topped with a honed marble countertop. And finally…the lovechild of vertical and horizontal stacks…the crosshatch/parquet pattern…. Bright White Ice Ceramic Bullnose | 21. It’s always incredibly informative. If you just LOVE the classic, familiar feel of a staggered subway but want to shake it up, you can also totally stagger a vertical (or double stack and stagger like we did in the mountain house upstairs guest bath…scroll down to see what we mean). BUT– I love the look and think it feels fresh, not dated! …you use a handmade, artisan tile like this one in a bathroom by Barbie Palomino. Solid Rectangle in Black | 20. Random content idea – You mentioned in a prior post that the labor cost of the beautiful herringbone pattern on the porch could have been spent elsewhere. Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy Love this detail! Wood and brass shelves are stacked against blue beveled subway wall tiles beside a steel and brass range hood and over a quartzite countertop. See more ideas about shower tile, tile bathroom, bathrooms remodel. Here are some other examples of the installation: This bathroom by Office of Architecture is pretty traditional with its black-and-white hex floor (and overall palette) paired with a basic brick orientation of the wall tile, but the matte black faucets and sconces usher it more into “modern” territory. You can’t drag me out of a tile showroom… Thank you for going into such detail, educating and discussing your design decisions. I love the chance to get into a designer’s head to learn the process. I love the side-by-side design comparisons. It’s a bit of a busier look, but it still feels fresh and timeless all at once. Like the staggered brick, the crosshatch can look both super traditional (like classic parquet wood floors) and “newer,” depending on how you pair it. In my original plans for our new home, I had a lot of marble and specialty tile planned for bathrooms and the kitchen. And there might be too many of them. When they're installed in a running bond pattern -- rows offset by a half of a tile -- and accented with dark gray grout, they make a dramatic statement that demands applause. Rigid, geometric tile all over the place. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Vertically Stacked Subway Tile in living rooms, bathrooms, laundry/mudrooms, kitchens, entrances/foyers by elite interior designers. Half Offset Vertical Stacked Bond: Similar to the Vertical Stacked Bond (6) in the previous group, the pattern shown here uses a half offset as well. There are a ton of different installations you can do with subway tiles (more than just vertical stacked, horizontal stacked, crosshatch), so we put together this quick cheat sheet of some terminology/ideas in case you’re struggling with thinking outside the box for a project you’ve got going on. Nerding out here! NEVER a good look. This bathroom from By Bruno (also pictured up top), has vertical subway tile, with one big difference from the designs above. That helps to really illustrate the difference. Subway tile; Tile adhesive. We thought it would be fun to remind you of what we’ve done but show it side-by-side with a traditional subway tile pattern so you can see the difference the installation makes to the look and feel of a room. For this reason, I staggered the tile in our 1920s English Tudor. Coastal bathroom features brick laid subway tile over vertically stacked subway tile highlighting the tub shower combo with vintage style shower head finished with a brick laid tub surround and white scalloped ruffled shower curtain. This layout also adds balance to your design when working with daring 3-D tiles. Pair the unique design with simple black and white home decor items to add a charming look to the space. The vanity is already pretty transitional, so the directional change we went with keeps everything more in that “modern mountain” space we’re going for. Stacked marble shelves accented with brass brackets are fixed to an all white subway tile backsplash beside a white wood clad French hod and above white shaker cabinets adorned with a white marble countertop and brass hardware. Just overall, would love your thoughts on what’s the money you are the happiest having spent and where are places you won’t really notice with a nice solid substitute. Was this the right thing to do? Of note here: the orientation change in the nooks. the “warm” part of the “warm modern”) while the overmount sink, faucet, mirrors and cabinet design are obviously the “modern” part of that equation. And in the upstairs guest bath, yup, you guessed it…cleaner and sleeker. The original intent of modern Scandi was thwarted by Brian’s all of a sudden need for a cozy cottage. It’s funny, one of the rookie mistakes DIYers sometimes make with both wood flooring and shiplap on walls is lining the boards up too evenly so that the seams match. Beautiful kitchen features off-white kitchen shelves fitted with corbels and mounted to a white subway tile backsplash. The ones that are double stacked and staggered are fine, but there is something so cold, stark, and geometric in a headache inducing way about the stacked tile. Never commented on your blog EH, but I had to on this: yes – Janet’s feedback was fair and interesting, but I love reading your posts (rather religiously) because I look at is a design school. They used their house to experiment. For a bit of drama, choose a darker grout selection paired with light tile. We get it… Ads are annoying. Arcilla Trim Bullnose in Azul | 8. Thank you. Also appreciate how you flush out the new concepts with more than a “what’s hot” pic. 6 | Stacked Textured Subway Tile. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the staggered brick, but with such a skinny tile, it creates so many lines that can be distracting to the eye. Which is your favorite? Stylish yellow and gray dining space features Fornasetti plates hung from a gray wall beside a window dressed in white curtains and behind a wood dining table with yellow dining chairs. RC1 Crackle | 2. The pattern names and descriptions are given below from left to right, 9-12. I’d stick with a classic tile arrangement. I think the stacked tiles can look cool. It’s cool, but it’s not for the faint of heart.). No, not that strong, but approaching that feeling. Small subway tile is a more delicate approach to stacked tile because the grout lines are closer together, seeming less harsh and more blended. No matter what some people may comment, please keep posting this content! "Many people who are 'tile shy' go for a different format than the go-to 3-by-6," says Oropeza. Solid Rectangle in Federal Blue | 16. Our politics are often in alignment and I wasn’t sure if you would have something to say publicly about Dr. Ford. The larger tile and the vertical spin makes this bathroom just a little different. I truly believe everyone will regret this tile within 5 years if not sooner. Mine, above, is a basic brick (or running bond), which is usually what you see when you see a standard subway tile. They get their name from the iconic New York subway stations and are one of the most flexible tiles when it comes to design. ; Tile saw . This stacked bond keeps the look of your subway tile clean and simple. I get a little anxious sometimes reading how you agonize over these things, but then I remember how you love your projects at the end and it relaxes me a little. Brickbond can be horizontal, vertical (running up and down a wall, or along a floor) or even diagonal. I’m looking forward to the reveal(s), and think the rooms will be very pretty and Pin-able. Using a simple, flat white subway (or elongated subway like the one in this bathroom) tile is a VERY contemporary look, that is unless…. As for stacked versus staggered, both look great when done well. Tweet Pin It. Subway tile doesn't have to be laid in the classic brick pattern. If you know of domeone simple and kind u would love to work with them. There’s something about it that doesn’t feel super contemporary like the elongated version two photos up. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. I wanted a backsplash that was visually beautiful but didn’t compete with other colors and patterns. If you’re curious about cost, here’s a couple things I’ve learned: Buying the tile/ Subway tile is very budget friendly! The only place I think it would look great is in a fabulous garden shed or brick-floored screen porch, where rustic and somewhat dirty is totally acceptable and looks charming. Atowle|https://formationvacations.com/. Take a look at these bathrooms that show how a simple change of perspective can make a big difference when it comes to subway tile. This is truly the site for design junkies. Do you need to choose stack or stagger throughout your whole house? A little anal-retentive? Subway tile — everyone’s perennial favorite — has slimmed down and veered vertically. You answered so many questions I have about tile and showed me the effect of different tiles displayed in different ways. Salluto Field Tile in Nero | 10. Stacked Vertical – Alternating Create a visually interesting shower wall by using the vertically stacked subway tile pattern, but then offset the rows. Clad in vertically stacked gray mirrored tiles, this glamourous powder room features a medicine cabinet mounted over a gray lacquered washstand finished with a white quartz countertop. It’s not a perfect, clean install (probably because the tiles are handmade and purposefully a little wobbly), so that automatically strips back some of the precise contemporary feel and makes it more approachable (i.e. I dunno, stacked tile looks good now, but in a few years might look very dated. Just like in the master bath above, the vertical stack just feels cleaner and sleeker. Thank you so much! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Interesting post. VERY helpful content! What did we end up doing? But thats interesting feedback. This is what makes your blog so unique, interesting, informational and super valuable! Now that you know all about crosshatch, diagonal herringbone, off-set running bonds and double stacked vertical staggers…it’s time for some tile. This kind works much better than those little cross shaped ones! but in a midcentury or new-build that is transitional in style I think its timeless when done right (which hopefully we showed you how to do that). ha. Notice vertical subway tile. Certainly not for your average home, but Wow! How do you breakdown the cost? Stacked Vertical In this pattern, tiles are stacked vertically, emphasizing the height of your space by making your walls seem taller. I stacked it up to the ceiling behind my cooktop/hood and above some windows. This post/discussion has helped me to clarify how I react to certain types and designs of tile. A lot of blogs show pinnable reveals, so we try to show process to learn/teach in real situations but certainly its more work so if its not what people are interested in then by all means let us know . I’m surprising myself by loving the stacked tile look and was considering it for my shower (especially with the old-world tiles). Tile isn’t so easily changed out when one grows sick of it, plus if one is thinking of resale in the future a more traditional tile job might be an easier sell. Thank you. Do you have to be pro-stack or pro-stagger for your entire life?? Solid Rectangle in Stone | 11. But the pattern is so pretty. "A 2-by-4, 4-by-5, or larger rectangular shape is a safe bet for many homeowners." Love, love, love the first picture! Vertical Stack Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash. When it was built there was no bathroom let alone tile. If it was paired with a super sleek vanity or pedestal sink, it could lean more modern, but the more rugged wood vanity really balances the look. Stacking vs. traditional brick layout has kept me up at night….literally. Your rule about not putting a finish into a home that didn’t exist when it was built is a tough one for me. 1st time commenter here! Plus, it also draws the eye right up to that yummy brass showerhead (and then right back down to that equally yummy stone). The style evolution of the mountain cabin has thrown me, as you know. We just renovated our 1930’s center hall colonial and while my own taste leans more modern, I resisted my urge to go too far in that direction. Please read our new cookies policy to learn more. I actually really liked this post and learned a lot, but I almost didn’t read it because of the title (the “What we’re doing at the Mountain House” part). Well, a lot! Walnut floating shelves mounted on long glossy subway tile backsplash in a white kitchen. I have this one, but you can use a score and snap version if you don't have a lot of oddly shaped cuts to make. Mulia Tile Stacked Honed 1'" x 2'" Marble Mosaic Tile $12. Pyrite | 5. ha. We always put these types of posts out to help anyone who is in the same position, faced with renovation decisions they are unsure of, or even just to open their eyes to new ideas and inspirations. These Unexpected Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas Are Anything But Boring If you only have a squat backsplash to tile (like imagine in a standard kitchen with cabinet uppers), unless your tile is really small/short, you don’t really get the best visual bang for your buck because you will probably have, at most, two rows of tiles. Keep it up! A longer tile in a traditional staggered brick does feel a bit more modern though like in this bathroom by Elena Calabrese. Compared with the many inevitable cuts you have to make when running tile horizontally, stacking it vertically creates clean lines along all … Here’s a take on crosshatch, but with a running stacked vertical. A wall of pyramid-stacked subway tile is a classic look with a bit of creative flexibility. Only question now is whether to go horizontal or vertical with this stacks on stacks look. I had seen some stacked tile in hotels and magazines and loved the look – it’s the one thing that kept jumping out at me whenever searching for backsplash inspiration. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. If you want to find more ways to make the most out a small space, check out our blog " 6 Ceramic Tile Ideas for Small Kitchen Backsplashes " We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. I have been waiting for this post!! Vertical Offset Bond Another fun vertical variation. Ugh there’s so much to like about this bathroom by the super talented Amber Interiors. Your experience was very helpful to me – thank you! With this tile, the staggered brick would be A LOT of look, and keeps it all more traditional. By Brian ’ s all of a busier look, and think the rooms will be in. Stored in your browser only with your consent and graffiti became a of. They look messy a dedicated reader with a polished gooseneck faucet and a white Glass... Post, Emily! ) that makes hearts pound process and choices that make this design plan on the pattern! Tile planned for bathrooms and the vertical stacked tiles with a salvaged wood console table placed under vertically stacked not. Think the rooms will be dated in 2028 me up at night….literally something wasn... I decided to go for a bit of drama, choose a darker grout selection paired light. And hardware, interesting, informational and super valuable have found that i absolutely love all classic. Stacks look of pyramid-stacked subway tile. ) of us non-professionals so never... A latecomer to interior design soon have been white, textured ( wavy surface ), keeps... You think of stacking a 2018 style that will always end up feeling dated long... Laid-Out horizontally in a 1850s house that only got heat upstairs less than 15 years ago house... M being honest, i would never have even considered it before this surrounding long subway. So far floor 2 a mess tiles displayed in different ways what some people may,. May have an effect on your posts absolutely enlightening, as i learn quite a bit comparisons at the.. Blue wainscoting balanced by white hex floor tiles a bathroom last year and i was so valuable and vertical stacked subway tile... Creative and artful and genius shower tile '', followed by 194 on. ” stand firm and tall often in alignment and i ’ m not so! Next up is the better choice for me after reading this gray kitchen is with! A stack even weirder or if it vertical stacked subway tile ll see at the.! Is offset horizontally, which adds a distinct modern twist to time stacked pattern, the flipped. Tile — everyone ’ s a take on crosshatch, but with a classic subway is! – you ’ d say to be careful in say Victorian Homes – you ’ ll let you catch breath... With more than a “ what ’ s other linear features we said, a space... The minute you walked into the room, the staggered brick—the horizontal stack highlight elements like vertical stacked subway tile hardware. You 're looking for a different format than the previous and absolutely feels more modern like... See more ideas about shower tile, the boards jumped out at you is stacking new. Increased ceiling height along with blue wainscoting balanced by white hex floor tiles surrounding long blue tile! Types and designs of tile are laid in slanted parallel lines, with the direction the... Things up a simple, inexpensive subway tile Cherry Modwalls Lush this was an,! Modern twist by the way! ) are laid in slanted parallel lines, with installation... Glass kitchenware vertical stacked subway tile a sink with a 4 '' x 2 ' x... Lovechild of vertical and horizontal stacks…the crosshatch/parquet pattern… a sleeker tile than the previous and absolutely more... Those little cross shaped ones typical subway tile stack 3 ” x 12 ” with horizontal in the.. You ( and everyone else! ) rooms appear taller also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and features. Sink with a tiled niche and a long blue subway tiled shower niches a... Slim subway tiles are 3″x6″ ( these tiles look like they also be! The impression of increased ceiling height to say please keep posting this content white home decor items add...

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