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In Scotland it became a district breed in the 16th and 17th centuries and was given the name Scottish Deerhound, and the rough coat was bred in … otterhound.rescueme.org. Why buy an Otterhound puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The Otterhound is a large, rough-coated hound with an imposing head. Welcome The Otterhound is currently one of the most Vulnerable Native Breeds with only 1 puppy registered in the first half of 2020. Click here for licensing details. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. It has great strength and a strong body with long loose striding steps. Look at pictures of Otterhound puppies who need a home. Shows other events and anything else that is needed. Anything Look…Weird? Contact Rescue Me! He uses these features to hunt on both land and water. Originally bred for hunting, it has great strength and a strong body with long striding steps.This makes it able to perform prolonged hard work. No boosted adverts match your selected search. The large and rough-coated Otterhound was originally bred for hunting otter in England. Otterhound Standard The breed is a large, rough-coated, scent hound with an extremely … Nonprofit Organization. People shouldn’t consider themselves a failure if they have to put a hound into Rescue. Otterhound Rescue on Facebook. Create New Account. The Otterhound is a vulnerable native breed, with fewer than thirty puppies registered each year. Our mission, as AKC Otterhound Breeders of Merit, is to promote, preserve and protect these magnificent hounds. You would need to pay anything upwards of £700 for a well-bred pedigree puppy. Every Otterhound is unique but there is a secret about Otterhounds only Otterhound people know. Forgot account? or use our Dog Breed Selector to find the perfect dog breed. Our love and passion for the continuation of this breed, became so strong that we decided on developing a breeding program. Otterhound Club UK, Trinity, by Brechin. . Shows other events and anything else that is needed. Previous generally only 25-30 Otterhound puppies are born in the UK each year, it is unlikely that you will able to buy a … Read our Otterhound breed advice Get to know them! This can be due to several reasons; divorce, sickness, financial difficulties, or bereavement etc. We are relaxing our rules that buyers must always visit the advertiser’s home. Otterhounds are friendly pets and excellent with children. We pride ourselves in providing beautiful, healthy and well-balanced puppies to families. The hound’s needs are paramount and the new home is chosen with great care and attention to its requirements.. Appearance. But wherever they go, whether on a walk, to a show or at Discover Dogs at Crufts they always receive great interest from the public and in particular families with children. Instead, viewings should be carried out virtually and we encourage everyone to use our deposit service. Windows 10 Product Key Generator is the best practical tool to activate Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Home and other unregistered editions. "Click here to view Otterhound Dogs in United Kingdom for adoption. Otterhound Rescue Australia Otterhound Rescue Groups ... programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. 100% of your donation goes to animal rescue. Look at pictures of Otterhound puppies who need a home. It all started in 2001 when a friend of mine asked m  e to come see her new Otterhound puppies. We were smitten at first sight, and we eventually ended up with a brother and a sister from that litter. a Otterhound. UK Rescue Groups: TOP OF PAGE The information on this page is the sole property of World Organization. [1] Ancestry. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." I call it the empathy factor. Otterhounds get along well with other dogs as well as cats. It is a relief to remove the watermark or notice the qualities of the windows. Please contact the Rescue Coordinators at the numbers below. Use of this information on your own website requires written permission or a license. So, you would like to buy an Otterhound puppy? Sep 24, 2014 - Otterhound / Otter-Hound Dog Puppy Hunting Puppies Hound Dogs. Apr 13, 2017 - The Otterhound, a scent hound, is unique among hounds because of his rough, double coat and substantial webbed feet. We want to hear your opinion! Tel: 0151 3426290 - ♥ RESCUE ME! 1,626 people like this. (This is done to prevent hounds from being passed-on to unsuitable homes, because not everyone who is a suitable dog owner would be a suitable Otterhound owner!). Help us by answering a short survey. Be the first to add one. ♥ ۬ We do get calls from Animal Rescue Shelters who think they might have an Otterhound and we always check these out even if it means someone driving hundreds of miles. Built for work, the dog breed has a keen nose and renowned stamina.. With less than 800 Otterhounds in the world, they are one of the most endangered dog breeds. Information about the Otterhound Club in the UK. We hand out these brochures full of Otterhound pictures at dog shows. Most of these pictures are of our dogs, but this should show you a wide variety of Otterhounds. So read on and you can learn more about the Otterhound Breed and see what they look like. Email: helenhacking@btinternet.com, Copyright 2015 The Otterhound Club | Site Designed & Hosted by. However, we have this online version is full of Otterhound Pictures for you as well! Generally, adopting the breed of an Otterhound from a rescue center recommends the prospective family to have an adjustment period. It is also the best thing for the Otterhound in question. Otterhound Rescue on Messenger. Temperament. our useful Dog Breed Selector to find the perfect dog breed. © Copyright - Pets4Homes.co.uk (2005 - 2020) - Pet Media Ltd. If your looking to adopt or buy It is a scent hound and is currently recognised by the Kennel Club as a Vulnerable Native Breed with around 600 animals worldwide. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Otterhound Dogs and Puppies with Pets4homes. All are experienced Otterhound owners and are ready to help with transporting hounds to be re-homed. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to … TOP OF PAGE: Still can't find the help you need? Welcome to the Virtual Home of the Blue Fairy Otterhounds. our Otterhound breed buying advice page first, or try 795 likes. EIN 61-1577084. Try contacting Dog Rescue Groups in UK that help all breeds. Perks of Adopting a Rescue Otterhound. Please read The Otterhound is typically 62-68 cm in height and 35-45 kg in weight. No shelters listed yet in UK. Page Transparency See More. When buying an Otterhound from a breeder, as part of the contract of sale both parties (breeder and purchaser) are asked to agree the terms and conditions of the contract stating that if for any reason the purchaser is not able to keep their Otterhound then, as a first opinion, the hound must be offered back to the breeder. From the moment you lay eyes on your new Otterhound "baby", be it a 12 week old puppy, an 8 year old rescue or a retired show dog, don't be surprised if you constantly find yourself smiling in delight at its comical antics and beguiling personality. The cost of insuring a male 3-year-old Otterhound in northern England would be See more ideas about Otterhound, Akc breeds, Dog breeds. Information about the Otterhound Club in the UK. If you are looking to buy an Otterhound you may have to go on a waiting list because not many puppies are registered with The Kennel Club every year. Listings are protected by the RescueSheIter.com digital watermark system. Community See All. The first essential requirement for a prospective Otterhound purchaser is a considerable amount of patience!!! CAUTION: Please make sure you are following the restrictions in your local area. The Otterhound was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1909. Going to the Otterhound Club of your country of origin will help you find one. Distance is never a problem, nor is the time of day. UK Otterhound Rescue Groups: TOP OF PAGE The information on this page is the sole property of World Organization. Rescue Me is a project of World Organization, a 501c3 public charity, as documented in this IRS letter. Closely related to the Greyhound, the Scottish Deerhound was once known as the Scotch Greyhound, Rough Greyhound and Highland Deerhound. When this isn’t possible I should be contacted and Otterhound Rescue steps-in, with a group of coordinated, knowledgeable volunteers, who are dispersed throughout the UK. An Otterhound is a large noble looking rough-coated scent hound which was originally bred for hunting. The Otterhound is an old British dog breed.The origins are not known. Help us by answering a short survey. Learn more about our boost feature by clicking below. They’re rarer than giant pandas or … See more ideas about Otterhound, Hound dog, Dogs. Empathy is defined as the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties. In view of their rarity, e.g. Rescue Coordinator: Luckily, these rescue Otterhounds are very rare due to the reason that most Otterhound breeders USA are taking back the dog that they bred. With his large, strong body and inquisitive nose, the Otterhound is willing to work all day. About See All. The coat may be any color or combination of colors. It has a joyful and upbeat personality and has a true love of hunting, taking great pride in a job well done. Welcome! Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. The Otterhound is a large dog with a somewhat stocky build, slightly longer than tall, not exaggerated in any way, enabling the dog to trot at a slow steady pace for long distances without tiring. An Otterhound will make demands on your time, your commitment and your wallet, but the outlay is little in comparison with the rewards it will bring. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. A reputable, knowledgeable and qualified breeder is the best way to get a healthy, well-bred Otterhound. It saves you time discovering product keys that are useful or that work for 32-bit and 64-bit windows. Britain’s Otterhound Club is now appealing for prospective dog owners to choose an Otterhound and protect the breed’s future. Find Otterhound Dogs and Puppies for adoption in the UK near me. The process is quite simple and straightforward. The Otterhound is remarkably sociable and enjoys the company of people and animals alike. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Log In. 1,721 people follow this. or. Woof! UK Otterhound Rescue Groups Sorry! It is the kindest thing they can do if real difficulties arise in their family and/or personal circumstances. Otterhound Club UK, Trinity, by Brechin. Otterhounds can be stubborn and difficult to train. Mrs. Helen Hacking We are dedicated to breeding Otterhound and Irish Terrier breeds. Not Now. They are not well known, so yes, it can be hard to find a breeder. Otterhound Rescue Information: The Otterhound is a big, shaggy, enthusiastic dog. 824 likes. The Otterhound is a beautiful breed of dog. Kingstree Otterhounds: Come and meet the Kingstree ... ... Next.

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