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While it is not specifically geared toward the military, oftentimes questions regarding the military will receive several answers. They told me to bring my ged, social, all that stuff, and that I would have to take a test, since I have a ged. First of all, you should know that simply calling a recruiter or walking into their office isn’t obligating you to military … As skilled professionals, we are sometimes (some of us more frequent) being called by recruiters. Never meet with a recruiter without first taking time to research the company they represent. Welcome to the United States Air Force. an Army recruiter would get cussed out for scheduling an appointment with a 16 year old. Then my older brother (who is in the army) told me that I would be drug tested when I went there. Some recruiters work on a military installation while others work in office spaces in the community. Head to the company’s Glassdoor profile to investigate things like their company rating—3.3 is the average on Glassdoor—reviews about the CEO, insights and feedback from current and former employees, and be sure to scroll through the photos, videos and mission statements. I know there's no chance that I'll be passing for at least 2-4 weeks. What the recruiter does get every month is special duty pay. However, military recruiting is a numbers game: Recruiters' careers are made and broken based on whether or not they can meet their monthly quotas (called "goals" in the recruiting … This pay isn't for meeting quota, it's because recruiting is hard and a recruiter needs to work a lot of hours. Contacting an Air Force recruiter for the first time will likely be the first interaction some people have ever had with the military directly and can be a scary thing to do when you don’t know what to expect. Anyways I was just wondering if he's right. I am going to tell it from the Recruiter perspective though. Ok, so I have a meeting with an army recruiter tommorow. Something like $425. Most recruiters are hard-working, honest, and trustworthy, tasked to do one of the most difficult jobs in the military. Basically, they will talk to you about the army a little, give you a practice asvab test,and ask you about your current grades and interest,also may ask you about your medical history,and that is about it. All branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard employ recruiters. Male Speaker 1: An ASVAB is a Military Aptitude Battery Test.Pretty much, it's how well you perform on certain tasks. Reddit.com is a content-sharing community comprised of subgroups (called sub-reddits) with several different focuses on aspects of the military. A recent survey shows at least 40% of all professionals get a call from a recruiter … Navy recruiter on March 06, 2013: Im a recruiter and i disagree with a lot of things you posted. Recruiters have a mission after all — to bring eligible men and women into the armed services — and the military’s needs come first. Timothy Mauch brings up a good point (I still can’t reply to him). A military recruiter is an individual who enrolls people into the armed forces. Female Speaker 1: The recruiting process is, the applicant will come into the office and meet with their recruiter, talk typically about what it is you want to do, what are your intentions in joining the Guard, and then, after that, you would set an interview to ASVAB.. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. In order to attract a sufficient number of those who are able to serve, the Pentagon spends $1.6bn on recruiting.

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