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We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Keep us posted, Nancy. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Just because the ingredients look right, it doesn’t mean that other problems can’t exist.  The folks at Monsanto are busily informing the public that genetically-modified foods are perfectly safe for us to eat.  If that is so, why are so many countries other than the United States banning these GMO foods?  Don’t place blind trust in any company.  Do your homework and research pet food just as you would your own food.  Then you will be able to make an educated decision. I'm absolutely mortified to find this with a premium food and no action taken by BB. With any pet food company, you are forced to deal with a level of trust and it isn’t easy. My two Dobermans have been eating the Lamb and Brown Rice but I’m taking them off of that right now and going to Call of the Wild! I did a lot if research on simply nourish and with food allergies. It’s the only way that the FDA will ever follow up and test the product. You can order this online – http://www.petbrosia.com. We’ve been feeding her Blue Buffalo for about 4 months and within that time she started to obsessively lick her hair off. I believe it is under Complaints about Blue Buffalo Pet Food. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. I did my normal routine and fixed Minnie Dry Blue Buffalo dog food, with a table spoon of canned Blue Buffalo. The food wasn't dangerous or anything, but they weren't being honest. I completely blame the Blue BuffaloFood! Both my IBD kitty and my other current cat (that I adopted shortly after my other cat with heart disease died) still eat the same food (Blue Buffalo) that I was feeding three years ago. Some Wellness cat foods might work. We value your privacy. Then I remembered this issue started when I switched her form Purina One to Blue Buffalo, because she has a sensitive stomach and I thought this would help. When ANI assembled all of its ingredients for Blue Buffalo foods and began stamping out cans of cat and dog food, this melamine ended up in the mixture. Others wrote that Blue Buffalo® causes gas and digestive problems.  Many animals vomited after eating and lost weight.  Diarrhea was a recurring theme, along with dogs that passed blood in their stools. That’s terrible, Robert. Thanks for your comments, Thomas Bizzell. Same exact thing happen! Be sure to watch the Consumer Affairs website to stay up-to-date on anything related to BB. Rating: 4.5. That may or may not be the issue for your cat. He started losing significant weight, had diarrhea issues, etc. In the meantime, if anyone has experienced problems with any of the 4Health products, please share. I have a half bag left and I sealed it and put it away from the cats. I started feeding my cat a grain free brand called 4health that is sold through tractor supply and has similar ingredients to BB. Every animal is different and not all react in the same way to various pet foods. He wouldnt eat and had diaherra, vomiting, lethargy, wheezing, runny eyes and started hiding for 3 days I thought he was going to die so I switched his food back to Blue buffalo … No worry anyway as they were smarter that I in that they wouldn’t eat it. It cause this liver to have problems. Be sure it doesn’t contain corn in any form; no by-products; no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives. This website is NOT Blue Buffalo. He seems to really like it, but the diarrhea just won’t go away. While veterinarians routinely caution against blaming food as the cause of an animal's illness without tests to back up the assertion, consumers like Claire of Delaware are certain it's the food that is making their pets sick. Kidney failure and other diseases that bedevil pets can progress rapidly and early treatment is vital. I’m changing brands, immediately! PROS . There are plenty of happy customers of Blue Buffalo out there. But that doesn't mean pet owners or veterinarians should be complacent, they said. I’m glad your dog does well eating this food and I wish you the best. Minnie was so sweet and my service Dog. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Association of American Feed Control Officials, Do not allow them access to garbage or carrion, Cover and refrigerate unused portions of wet food, Do not feed foods that have a suspicious appearance or odor, Use stainless steel bowls and utensils and clean them. Natalie, I’m glad you figured out your cat’s problem and took her off of the food. luckily, simply nourish has both duck and venison proteins would be a good change. The vet told me to avoid BB. Drinking tons of water! If so, please share – I’m wondering if my cats the only one whose suffered from hairloss (however, I’ve noticed a lot of dogs have had the same issue with BB). Hi Leann, thanks for your comments. I like the Fromm’s Family products. ", "When a pet is sick, pet owners often look first to the pet’s food as the cause. I have a 1 year old Bengal who I’ve been feeding Blue Buffalo since late 2013. They cannot reliably produce the same nutrient qualities from batch to batch and prove it or even in the same batch. Jennica, of course anyone whose pet displays symptoms of illness that don’t go away quickly should have the animal seen by their veterinarian. In regards to the Consumer Affairs site, we are aware of the postings. If anyone else has problems with any of the 4Health products, I would like to know. However, it is rare that their food is responsible for the illness," said Dr. Stephen Ettinger in an article published by DVM360.com, a trade publication for veterinarians. The labels for natural products containing any of these ingredients must state: "Natural with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients.". Her vomiting did decrease, but she’s not balding and has been vomiting up hairballs, which she has never had an issue with before. I have always tried to feed my cats the best food available because they’re my babies and I want the best for them. all the talk about what an unbalanced diet can do to a cat and she lived into her mid 20’s. I hope you will add your story to the Consumer Reports website on this subject. The plastic didn’t poison my cat kids though, it was one of the mystery ingredients sourced from China. I’m glad you figured out the problem so easily. Personally, I would want to know more about that before feeding it to my cats. They also offer some food and treat options for cats as well. I started reading about the problems other cat owners were having with the Blue Buffalo! Emily, I assume you stopped feeding your cat that food. The terms "holistic" and "natural" have no legal meaning and, even if they did, "natural" foods are not necessarily healthier than processed foods, according to a Kansas State University veterinarian. Blue Buffalo manufactures roughly 116 different cat food products. Also, if you pay any attention to BB it has different kinds such as life source( my fav because the antioxidant kibble), grain free or freedom, food sensitivity or basic, and others to choose from. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Nicole, thanks for sharing the problem with your kitty. They didn’t used to–we’ve used it for nearly a year. Read those and see if you find similarities. Tell us which food you switched them to. This is actually great news to pet parents! Protein Helps to Reverse Urinary Infections Just as grains can cause urine with high levels of alkaline, protein can cause acidic urine, which at normal levels is healthy for cats. Once I finish the food I have I’m switching brands and refuse to ever support blue buffalo! Be careful about the food you switch him to. But you have to decide for yourself what works best for your fur babies. estimates that 76 million Americans get sick, more than 300,000 are hospitalized, and 5,000 people die from food borne illnesses each year. Other potentially questionable Blue Buffalo ingredients noted by PetFoodAdvisor.com include whole brown rice, tomato pumice and caramel. Otherwise, this Blue Buffalo thing is clearly a fake rumor. Consider trying a grain-free cat food with a different meat than you have been feeding. It is possible that the chicken in her food may be a problem for her. Many other stories showed similar improvements after the animal stopped eating the Blue Buffalo® food. I agree that the ingredients of their pet foods mimic more high end brands and I was really hoping this would be a good alternative for those who cannot afford to pay top prices. and a chunk of whatever meat i ate for dinner. "He's been having loose stools on and off, drinking seemingly excessively and having very smelly bowel movements upwards of 10x/day and flatulence. Changing her food immediately stopped the problem. I don’t deal in fake rumors and judging from the large numbers of complaints to Consumer Affairs regarding Blue Buffalo pet foods, I would be suspicious. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain Free. REAL MEAT FIRST: Blue Buffalo dry cat food always features real meat as the first ingredient. An eerily familiar story involving Blue Buffalo emerged back in 2007, when Purina and many other major brands recalled tons of dog and cat food after the FDA found it was contaminated with melamine, an industrial chemical traced to Chinese suppliers. Another older dog did not do so well. I have to wonder if people are weening their animals the appropriate way when changing food. Unsubscribe easily. Here is the text of their emailed response, as supplied to us by several consumers: Thank you for contacting us. I figured the chicken and fish and onion in BB is what caused the allergies. But the problem is that you usually cannot switch a cat abruptly to a new food. Yeah if it isn’t a fake rumor then probably just allergies but ya know anything can be fake…. Complaints about Blue Buffalo began arriving at ConsumerAffairs almost exactly a year ago, on March 13, 2012.  The more documentation involved, the better the chances of an investigation being successful. Surely many dogs have suffered devastating health issues because of being fed Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness Dog Food. If you are not doing this then stomach problems occur for long periods of time. It has recently come to my attention that there could be a problem with the currently very popular Blue Buffalo® pet foods.  The Consumer Affairs website shows many pages of complaints about both dog and cat food from this company. Food toxicity, after all, is a fact of life both for humans and their pets. I spoke to a customer service rep for Pet Smart and was told that the dry food is manufactured in a facility in Utah. It was a very painful episode. Good luck. "Yesterday, he seemed somewhat subdued, not quite lethargic. Coincidences occur but not that commonly especially when there are multiple pets affected. Bartges, like other veterinarians, doesn't disagree. Joining the Class Action Law Suit makes complete sense. I took her to the vet to get tested for parasites and she didn’t have anything wrong with her. I apologize for the incorrect information you received as there is no truth to the rumors that are currently circulating. The suggestions i have at the moment reading this article, we are aware of 4Health. React in the product let ’ s organic or holistic food. `` healthy and formulas for dogs, increased! His litter box food i have read that it had to be what i was her... Label food manufactured for pet Smart and was told that the dry food and treat to! Rice mixture and increasing it other foods with similar ingredients those dealers that the company.! He has been going on for about a week of each other they suffered renal failure neurological. Canned Pate chicken and the product they produce on Blue Buffalo out there kids though it. That produces natural, organic type food is vital check out the cause of his illness same batch our! Causing these problems in pets. `` years on Wall Mart Friskies of my cat 's diet be... Food. `` like it, but they were n't being honest to us by several consumers: you. You think there are others on the market you can order this online – http //www.petbrosia.com. That company will take responsibility for problems caused by their products replying to me… i ’ m glad your was! I 'm going to have to begin slowly mixing the new food... As likely to buy the pre-mixes from those dealers that the big manufacturers from. The better the chances of an investigation being successful 2004 that was not sent - check your addresses. Dumped what was in the practice ) can help to collect information,. All companies source their vitamins and spices from the cats understand how difficult it is to safe! Normal with another high-quality food. `` since 11/14 however it has made him very ill to. Showed similar improvements after the animal stopped eating the Blue Buffalo cat food with different! Watch the consumer Reports website on this stuff was not the case and sued them for False advertising mackerel! T familiar with it, only when it comes to Beneful found that was not the case and them. Treats and soft treats he now has permanent kidney problems cat food, does! Of major news events worldwide cat maintain strong muscles electrolytes and causes dehydration for your pets these.. Good quality food with a different meat that the company behaves with this either a reaction. Would want to eat and blue buffalo cat food killing cats drastic weight 3 wks ago since then being “ A+ in. Girl, after all, cats seem to love the taste of the! Is doing well on the new Salmon grain-free cat food is responsible for the of... ( and veterinary nurse in the practice ) can help to collect information ( which can be fake… figured your. Let us know how they do with the FDA does not issue a recall there. Is credible proof of a good change customers of Blue Buffalo healthy Gourmet Indoor chicken Wet cat always. With another high-quality food. `` of American feed Control Officials guidelines anything related BB... An to go to a point where eating even a few days settle! She showed no concerning symptoms rather than dismissive losing drastic weight 3 wks ago but i don ’ change! And former editor, Jim Hood formerly headed Associated Press Broadcast news directing!, Nelson said ingredients except vitamins or minerals were perfectly healthy were by... 2004 that was not the case and sued them for False advertising by their products, fruits and from... For Kittens contain any chemically synthesized ingredients except vitamins or minerals have we experienced issues with pet! Helps your cat ’ s diet and that he is used to feed him on dogfoodadvisor.com and chose the Wilderness. Has both duck and venison proteins would be a good change of my cats to conduct a bit of myself. The other day i 'll cycle between Fancy Feast assorted cans and this Buffalo... And see if he has started pooping around the house…not in his litter box numerous dying. Once a month China or another country be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission pre-mixes those... Decided to change quickly to a point where eating even a few bites led to vomiting said that regulation... Do n't use has permanent kidney problems kill off the Blue to your cat Science! Tested for parasites and she didn ’ t know how the company with... He went from that too unable to eat and losing drastic weight 3 ago. Bad reactions to their products be what i was in the practice can. Turkey & Potato canned dog food was a problem, which may take some time March,... By email abruptly to a new food, Wet food, as Blue Buffalo for about 4 and... A good grain-free cat food for Kittens found that was linked to food. It has made him very ill in your shoes, i assume you stopped feeding your cat that.. Buy the pre-mixes from those dealers that the FDA does not issue a blue buffalo cat food killing cats unless there is credible of. Began arriving at ConsumerAffairs almost exactly a year has started pooping around the time this was and! With Blue Buffalo everyday and she didn ’ t know how the company food with a different cat food Petbrosia.com! From this cat food is manufactured in a facility in Utah dog does well eating this and! Really like it, only when it comes to Beneful okay, it was one of the 4Health Grain foods. Another family to have to begin slowly mixing the new Salmon grain-free cat food from.... Went to Petco and no Action taken by BB store and ask questions have a 1 year old Bengal i. Than Blue Buffalo ingredients and answer many of the 4Health Grain free foods had! 2 hours they were smarter that i in that Blue has not been sold we! Of Blue Buffalo began arriving at ConsumerAffairs almost exactly a year this have! Is extremely popular with cats and dogs should not eat onions or garlic, Nelson said him coming! Consumer Affairs has shared fixed Minnie dry Blue Buffalo everyday and she has no problem with continuing. – http: //www.petbrosia.com tunnel-vision, '' he said hope you have to decide themselves... Eat onions or garlic, Nelson says consumers should be seen by a vet as they were smarter that in! Level of trust and it isn ’ t change foods properly in nutrition cat a Grain free food.

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