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Trailer Coupler Pin Lock with 2 Keys. 2 flat keys,one for use, The other for back up. The means to do this varies somewhat. Add to Cart Add to My List. Most RVers and trailer owners don’t know if they should choose the receiver lock or coupler lock. Stainless Steel Trailer Hitch Lock for 2-1/2" Receivers by Master Lock. #HitchCover #HitchLocks #Trucks ... Why I Won't Buy A Splitter, ... Trailer hitch … Re: trailer hitch won't latch Yup. And specifically, you won't have the full experience we have designed for you unless you are using the latest version of these supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, ... Trailer Hitch Lock. A hitch lock is a securing device that attaches to the coupler of an RV to prevent anyone from anchoring to it. Keep the Bad Guys Away New Products. This is more than a car repair forum! What is a trailer hitch lock, and how does it work? It clamps into the coupler in a way that stops the hitch from going over any ball, regardless of size. Made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum, will not rust; 3/4 in. One of the best things about this hitch lock is that it's easy to install and doesn't require any drilling. Ensure that your trailer stays safe with this easy-to-use receiver lock. ... 1/4 in. Reese 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit. Product Line : Balkamp. A much better choice is a trailer hitch lock that is specifically designed to prevent theft. Item # 1469DAT Comments Unfortunately, the hard winter killed my lock. Lower the Trailer and Close the Hitch Ball Receiver. Do It Right: In some cases, there may already be bolts in place on the frame, but if your trailer hitch includes new bolts, it’s best to use them. with a U-Lock Feature. And one of the best hitch lock brands you can get is Master Lock. Universal Unattended Coupler Lock 2 in 1 DUAL PURPOSE. Reese 7014700 is our top pick for the best trailer hitch lock. CZC AUTO Black Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock, Dia 1/4 Inch, 3/4 Inch Span for Tow Boat RV Truck Car's Coupler This trailer lock is made of high-strength steel to deter theft 1/4 Inch diameter tongue lock pin with effective length 3/4 Inch. Master Lock - Universal Size Trailer Hitch Lock: $25.70: Universal coupler lock fits: Easy to Install: Key Entry Covered, Won’t Rust or Corrode: 4.5 / 5.0 Stars: Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock: $28.56: Trailer hitch lock fits: Easy to Install: Keyed Alike, Rust and Corroding Resistant: 4.3 / 5.0 Stars Some couplers employing a hand wheel to tighten the clamp to the ball; another common arrangement is a lever or toggle to lock the coupler. Hitch locks are designed to stop thieves from stealing your trailer. Trailer Coupler Pin Lock with 2 Keys $ 10 99. Date published: 2020-09-08 y_2020, m_12, d_22, h_16 Best All-Around Hitch Lock: Master Lock Trailer LockCHECK LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON.COMThis is a great option for securing your RV or trailer when it’s unhitched. This is a common problem. Quick Answer: The Best Trailer Hitch Lock 1. If your coupler or receiver is too large or small for the trailer hitch locks you choose, they aren’t going to work properly. If your budget is tight, then I would recommend you buy the Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lo ck but I would advise that you keep your eyes open. Engage the latch pin by rotating the handle counter clockwise. When used in combination with a trailer wheel lock (or two), hitch locks can be a powerful deterrent for thieves. Date published: 2020-09-08 y_2020, m_12, d_26, h_17 That includes all 1-7/8-inch, two-inch, and 2-5/16-inch trailer couplers. NEW! Be sure to get one that completely covers the coupler, so it can’t be lowered over a ball. Made with strong, durable materials, a Bolt lock prevents your trailer from bouncing off your 4X4's hitch. Part # : BKN CUR23583. And if ever you decided to buy this hitch lock, you won’t have to worry about spending a large amount of money as you can buy this particular hitch lock in just an affordable price. The best trailer hitch lock for a particular RV or trailer is the one that actually fits. The latch has 2 teeth that should fit into Lesson learned: make sure you keep the plastic cap on! Lock, and Receiver Hitch Lock. 2. BUY NOW. The real selling point is that this metal is made from 3/8-inch steel. Place the Companion base back in the truck bed, placing the post in the hitch receiver socket. The keyhole on the Master Lock 389DAT (around $22) is conveniently positioned on the side, so you won’t have to contort your body just to remove it or secure it to your trailer. Simply put, to be sure your trailer arrives at your destination at the same time your truck does, keep it securely in place with a hitch pin lock. Heavy Duty, Ultra-Tough Steel 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Lock. A hitch lock keeps your trailer hitch and the receiver together until you unlock it, often with a key. The whole process is to keep the attaching hole covered, so no one can attach a hook or any other anchoring piece to it. Portable size: 1/4 Inch diameter tongue lock pin with effective length 3/4 Inch, small size for easy carrying, won't take much space, keeping the coupler lock in your pocket or vehicle anywhere that is fine; Note: please verify dimension and length of the pin you want before purchasing our coupler hitch lock pin Secure the coupler clamp with the hitch pin that came with the hitch. It's also easy to use. If the key operates the lock loosen the set screw with a screwdriver. With a locking hitch pin, you know your trailer isn't going anywhere. It is a super reliable and affordable brand that never disappoints. Tighten the draw-down bolt in the top of the post to 60 ft-lb with a torque wrench. ... Trailer Hitch Lock Buying Guide. 1/4 in. Depending on hitch locks to offer 100 percent security is a bad idea because a thief who has time and is determined to steal your trailer can easily defeat any kind of hitch lock. This receiver and hitch pin lock set will prevent your expensive weight distribution hitch as well as trailer from being stolen. The protective cap fell off and the key slot got so packed full of road salt that the key wouldn't go in. Aluminum “Hockey Puck” Internal Shackle Padlock BUY NOW. It’s a two-part lock featuring a patented mechanism that helps keep your lock user-friendly and, importantly, your belongings safe. NEW! With your sway bars on, lower the trailer down until the hitch ball is fully inside the ball receiver. It is a sturdy, reliable, and easy way to keep your trailer hitch secure from any robber. Then, flip the receiver latch closed, locking the ball in place. It’s a sturdy option that looks imposing, which helps ward off potential bandits. Not only will you get it at a lower price than we've been promoting, but you won't be charged shipping. BUY NOW. Don’t keep valuables in your trailer. There is 2 slots on the top of the hitch that the release/clamp latch doesn't line up. Pickup in Store not currently available. Haul-Master. pull up on the hitch as if you were trying to pull the trailer. There are a variety of trailer hitch locks on the market. A Basic Lock Won’t Cut It! Much like the hitch pin, if you don’t do this, a big bump could de-couple the hitch … Make sure to lock the draw down bolt in place by swiveling the locking bracket over the head of the bolt. A lot of vehicles have provisions for a trailer hitch or tow package when they leave the factory, so in most cases, modifying the vehicle or drilling holes won’t be necessary. These locks prevent anyone from lifting the receiver, and they won't be able to un-hitch the trailer unless the lock is off. Rated 5 out of 5 by Coyote33 from Won’t work Purchased hitch lock for 2021 Mallard M27, too small to use for advertised purpose. A hitch lock will prevent anyone from ever stealing your trailer. Heavy Duty 20K Aluminum Adjustable Hitch BUY NOW. Most trailer tongue lock devices will not even deter the most casual thief. Hitch Hotel Classic T6 Aluminum Frame TIG Welded White UV Gel Coated Fiberglass Shell Lift System 2 Vented Windows 1/2 in. 1/2 in. Learn about putting a hitch cover on your truck and how you can lock it. Made from the highest quality corrosion resistant materials, the unique design uses a hardened steel reversible “U” shaped shackle that allows the lock to fit almost any trailer coupler style, and is easily accessed from the front. Rated 5 out of 5 by Coyote33 from Won’t work Purchased hitch lock for 2021 Mallard M27, too small to use for advertised purpose. You won’t see many ring hitches outside of commercial trailers, but if you need a ring hitch lock, this is the one I would go with. Ideal for trailers stored outside or trailers unattended for long periods of time. Use safety chains to link the trailer to the tow vehicle; you should cross the chains. I have a 66 Shasta Super and the original hitch won't lock down. A trailer tongue lock will prevent your trailer from being stolen while you are away from it. Rotating Locking Hitch Pin with 2 Keys. Made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum, this trailer lock installs easily onto your trailer coupler and will not rust. 524k members in the MechanicAdvice community. The main stream coupler lock available today is designed to secure as many different trailer coupler models as possible with the same coupler lock. The most secure and universal trailer coupler lock available, fits virtually all 1-7/8”, 2”, and 2-5/16” tongue type trailer couplers. Haul-Master. Keep in mind that even premium universal designs won’t support every size: there are still limits. This universal coupler lock is designed to fit any type of trailer hitch easily and securely. BUY NOW. Lock the coupler and ball into place; there is a device known as a coupler clamp that is used to lock this down. The Master Lock 30 Hitch Lock is held in place by a large set screw that is tightened with a screwdriver through the hole underneath the lock. This is the thickness uses on armored vehicles to protect them against explosions. CZC AUTO Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock, Dogbone Style Hitch Pin Lock, Dia 5/8 Inch Bent Pin for Class III IV 2 2-1/2 Inch Receiver, Fits Bike Rack Tray Ball Mount for Towing Trailer Truck Car Boat RV 4.7 out of … Search Results For "Trailer Hitch Lock" 5 Items. I finally had to cut the lock off. This will allow the clip to fully engage the ball and lthe lever will lock down. We really want you to become a part of our growing tribe of anywhere hotel adventurers, and become a member of our Club. Why? This lock fits over the coupler and can be adjusted to […] The key allows the alloy barrel to be rotated to block screwdriver access to this hole. 46 votes, 11 comments. For us, the best trailer coupler lock has to be Cocoweb’s heavy duty C-Lock hitch pin. Trailer couplers come in several different configurations, but all work by clamping around the hitch ball.

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