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Just outside of Bifrost Tower is another great place for EXP, also partly because of Eden Group's quests. An additional 7% Ranged Attack bonus is probably one of the best headgears a Rebel can equip. There are certainly uses for more INT, since Magical Bullet works well with increased MATK, although this is a really niche build. Like in Level 1, most of these monsters should die in a single Rapid Shower. Below contains a list of suggested equipment for the Rebel for all of the builds mentioned above, with notes suggesting specific equipment/items for the builds. ; Go to Glast Heim St. Abbey. Pair this with Eden Group's quest boards of Lv71 - Lv85, you'll get to Lv86+ in no time. So he became a Rebel, but calls himself a Rebellion because he no good with words. The image on the right shows the NPCs that are of interest to all Rebel players. Any amounts of leftover stats points could be allocated here! On F2, Big Bell is a neutral element monster, so usage of Holy ammunition is recommended for the usage of Platinum Alter. choice of weapons and each of them are very different from each other. From 99-125 is really a cake walk, you just round trip your way to high TI with ease. Congratulations! Still, Shotgun is still one of the preferred weapon in PvP, although like previously mentioned, I can't comment too much on the aspects of PvP! It's worth to note that each coin gives 3 ATK, so you can have a maximum of 30 ATK as long as you keep all 10 coins up! On the flipside, Dark Priest gives some really excellent EXP, so it's well worth the effort. The Rolling Thunder is a poor Shotgun as Thunderstorm would be next to useless due to Rebel's low INT and it's hard to proc it, considering the slow attack speed of a Shotgun. This way, you'll be able to earn substantial amount of EXP. You can do this on lower levels. The Gatling Gun, however, loses the ability to proc Chain Action instead. Below is a list of suggested cards for armor compounding. Take Chain Action, Rapid Shower, Desperado. Below are some of the places you can go for leveling: While Toy Factory's EXP is not the greatest within this level range, it is one of the best place for any Gunslingers to be earn money. Although more INT points means getting more damage out of Magical Bullet! As part of the tutorial system that NovaRO provides, it's entirely possible to get to BaseLv8 and JobLv10 without even hitting a single monster. By using the skill Slug Shot, a Rebel can easily destroy lower-tier MvPs in a single skill, thanks to the skill's massive damage modifier. If you're lucky enough to receive one of this card, you'll see significant reduction in your cast time (30%)! You'll definitely be left with lots of skill points on the Rebel skill tree by just taking the Shotgun tree, so like previously mentioned, you can always pick up skills from the firearm branch that you've selected as a Gunslinger. DEX is the number one stat that you would want to invest in, as it not only gives you higher accuracy, more damage, it also gives you some ASPD. At this point of time, it's extremely hard to earn EXP by simply grinding your way through. This card is great for weapons, providing 30 ATK, although you lose 1SP per attack you do. You may want to select different levels of Rapid Shower and place them on your hotkeys to save SP, as increasing levels of Rapid Shower consumes more SP. Hence, as a CRIT Rebel, both the Gatling Guns and Rifles will be your primary and secondary weapons. As all of Rebel's weapons are very costly (all of them are at least 1 million zenies each), it's highly recommended that you loot every drop possible from a monster. We have 24/7 support. Once you're in Churchyard, you'll be primarily hunting for Dark Priest. Since we've went through some of the builds suggested for the Rebel, we can now talk about the equipment that a Rebel would use. Page 1 of 7 - Rebel's gears / build - posted in Expanded Classes: After leveling a bit with this new guy, it seems quite good for PvM (soloin) but is there a end-gear PvM/PvP wise? Both monsters of interest are Undead, so Silver Bullets will work great against them. I'll also denote the skill level required for each skill, a short explanation of each skill as well as the secondary choice of firearms for this particular build. 2% Ranged Attack bonus is better than 2% ATK increase from Robo Eyes because of how formulas are calculated, but you lose out on the DEX. Damage ammunition, like its name suggests, are a group of ammunition that does damage. Go to the Eden Group @go eden; Talk to Instructor Ur, right beside Boya, and accept his quest. However, the Death Fire suffers from -50HIT penalty. Ungoliant Card provides immunity to External Bleeding status. 120 LUK is most definitely required to get the most out of the LUK Temporal Boots. Rebel Home. Show. Definitely a stat you would want to invest in, as long as your focus is auto attacking! You don't have to hurt other people's feelings or say outlandish things to be a rebel. Da bi vam pri tem najbolj pomagali smo pripravili, napotke, ki vam bodo zagotovo v pomoč. At Lv26 - 33, you can head over to Eden Group to accept Instructor Boya's quests in order to get a better weapon. After becoming a Rebel, your next goal is to reach Lv175. Special Alloy Trap: This utility ammunition is used with Bounding Trap. The list below indicates monsters of interest, as well as their drops so that you can earn some zenies for your Rebel weapon purchase when you reach Lv100! Reduces the variable cast time of skills by 5%. While the increase of ASPD might sound good, the base ASPD of a Shotgun is pretty low, making the advantage of a Peace Breaker moot. I'll also denote the skill level required for each skill, as well as a short explanation of each skill. Using a combination of Water-elemental ammunition and Desperado will make quick work of them. This "card" is unique as it can be compounded to any equipment and the headgear is no exception to this. Rebel Inc. is a unique and deeply engaging military strategic simulator from Ndemic Creations. With so many different weapons to use, I'm sure I have barely scratched the surface of the amount of possible builds for Rebel. As Mystcase and Crusiers have element weaknesses, you'll probably want to use neutral (Bullet or Bloody Bullet) ammunition. - Able to do ridiculous amounts of damage through Slug Shot. Generally speaking, a PvM Rebel will most likely find themselves using Pistols and Gatling Guns most of the time, while the PvP Rebel will find more uses in Shotguns and Rifles. This build focuses on attacking your enemies at the highest ASPD possible while using Chain Action and Quick Draw Shot to deal extra damage as you attack them. Dragon Tail Missile: This utility ammunition is used with Dragon Tail. As a Rebel, you'll have access to a wider range of skills of each individual firearm branch, as well as access to some of the more powerful ATK buffs available in the game. Both Wraiths and Evil Druids are incredibly easy to kill with Rapid Shower and they give really decent EXP. While STR is not a very important stats to CRIT Rebels, the ability to carry more weight (and getting that extra 20 ATK from a +7 HBP) is something to be considered. This card is decent for increasing your ATK on weapons, providing 20 ATK with no other side effects. - Not easy to reach 193 ASPD with a Rifle. In general, these are the pointers for each stats point: STR: While majority of the damage does not come from STR as a Rebel, some points in STR will allow you carry more ammunition (especially if you're a shotgun user for PvP, those Slug rounds gets incredibly heavy!) By giving more % Ranged Attack per 10 DEX you have, there's probably no better damage-related cards for garments. This Shotgun, however, with its massive ATK is the ideal candidate for any Rebel who uses the skill. With an additional card slot, the Color Scope is more versatile and has more damage potential than the RAG203. While a good majority of Gunslinger's skills (especially the weapon skills) will be replaced by Rebel's weapon skills, it's important for Rebels to know what each skills in the Gunslinger tree can offer them. Heat Barrel or Platinum Alter can help you further increase your damage for Slug Shot, so remember to use them before using Slug Shot! Despite Shotguns and Grenade Launchers having AoE skills, these firearms AoE skills aren't too great (, Unfortunately, if you're using Rifles, the only skill with AoE is. As a Rebel, you'll most likely be relegated to the DPS role. As most Rifle would give CRITs by itself, it's generally advisable for Rebels who choose Rifles to be specialized in CRITs for PvM! Heat Barrel is an extremely useful skill for Rifles to reach 193 ASPD. This hat is obtainable through a. Rebel is super weak against range and magic users, so always avoid those when leveling. With extremely slow moving monsters like Vanberk and Isilla, they literally pose you no threat at all. Another alternative to Sheriff's Badge and Pendant of Maelstrom is Sarah's Earrings from the Sarah & Fenrir instance. Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human race enemies by 2%. Need Help? Utility ammunition, like its name suggests, are a group of ammunition that does not require the player to equip in order to use. This card provides 10 ATK when compounded to a headgear. If you're that kind of player (like me!) Petal is capable of ranged attack, so be aware of that! Poison Bullet: Poison Element with an added chance of inflicting Poison status on an enemy. Depending on the build you're interested in, the allocation of stats can greatly differ from each other. Apple Project, signing off! Glaciation Shot: Water Element, an upgrade over Ice Bullet. However, once you're a Rebel, you'll generally only use Rebel-tier ammunition. Giving 20 ATK on an accessory is no small amount, especially when compounded together with a Pendant of Maelstrom. Generally speaking, all of these ammunition are used for skills and these said skills will fail without these ammunition in your inventory. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series The Rebel (1959). I'll be explaining the advantages and disadvantages for each weapon so that you players can make an informed decision about which weapons you would like to use! Gramps are also rotated monthly; so keep a look out! Therefore, it's definitely a good habit for any Gunslingers or Rebels to replenish their consumed coins as soon as possible! At Lv175, you'll most likely start to branch off to other builds of the Rebel. As a way to guide new Rebel players, I'll separate the categories of weapons into 2 groups: Primary and Secondary Firearms. I highly recommend visiting F2 of Eden Group to accept quests from the Lv141 - 175 quest board. They are a class which work for the benefit of their friends and strike terror into the hearts of their foes (armor). Secondary firearms are weapons that will generally see less usage and instead will be used to increase your damage to the enemy during skill cooldowns, or simply applying a debuff to enemy. How each Secondary Firearms (if applicable) will be used in each of the build will be covered in the builds section. I highly recommend you to type @autoloot once you start any characters to make sure you loot every single item from defeating an enemy! Warper –› Dungeons –› Glast Heim –› Glast Heim St.Abbey ; Talk to Johan, at (glast_01 195, 131) Copied!, she is near where you are teleported. If Gelerdria upgrade level is +7 or higher: Increases physical damage on [Boss] monsters by 30%. They … Like Archer's bows, a firearm would require a damage ammunition to be equipped in order for it to work. Z veseljem vas vabimo, da nas obiščete tudi v naših poslovalnicah po Sloveniji. One thing of note is that the Temporal Boots requires 120 base stats to be allocated in their respective stats in order for a more powerful effect to take place. All of a Rebel's skills are segregated into their respective firearm branch, so it's important for a Rebel player to know what each skill does in the game. For DEX Temporal Boots, ideally, you will want to get +DEX as your first enchantment, then followed by Expert Archer 4. - Not as easy to reach 193 ASPD as a Pistol. Only obtainable through the Jitterbug Instance, this particular accessory adds 6% ATK and MATK, +1 to all stats and a chance of casting Maelstrom upon receiving magical damage, all the while having a slot, making this one of the best accessories in the game. Some of these skills will consume as many as 10 coins and will have different level of effects depending on the coins consumed. This dungeon is notorious for ridiculous amounts of spawns, something that a Gatling Rebel will be very happy to hear. There's really no replacements for boots as Temporal Boots are arguably one of the best boots you can find in the game. Increases the damage of [Fallen Angel] by 20%. Set bonus with Physical Enhancer Ring [1]:. When combined with the Taekwon skill "Warm Wind", you can respond to opponents of all attributes. While the Grenade Launcher has the highest ATK of all firearms, it also has the lowest base ASPD of all firearms. But still, convenience comes with a price, as majority of Rebel's weapons costs more than 1 million zenies each! However, since I'm not too much of a PvP person, I can't comment too much on this! While this particular build does not have the flashy damage as the other builds that I'll be mentioning later, this build does have the advantage of having a decent continuous damage throughout the fight without any downtime. Gramps is one of the most common form of leveling for players in NovaRO. Spiritual Auger, an item from the in-game cash shop, will allow you to slot a wide variety of middle headgear. However, due to CRITs being overwritten by Double-Attack, you would want to avoid Chain Action at all costs, so not using a Pistol is recommended. Once you've reached Lv99, you can head back to the Main Office to change into a Rebel. Currently Im using random gears but I would like to know if theres any good gear set that people may have tried already to boost damage PvP and PvM wise. All of the monsters listed below are part of the quest boards, so it's extremely beneficial for you to pick all of these quests up and turn them in after you've hit your quest quota. Much thanks guys. 90 VIT is only required if you have a Heroic Backpack. This, however, could be solved through the skill Eternal Chain which gives Gatling Guns the ability to proc Chain Action, making this firearm the primary choice of weapon for any Rebels intending to defeat their enemies through sheer speed. Hey I'm on a new computer now! 3. Despite the penalty of 4 INT, since Rebels does not benefit much from INT, this "card" is a better choice over Dark Pinguicula Card for Rebels seeking ATK as it confers 2 additional ATK. Reduces normal skill usage delay by 5%. This page was last edited on 28 January 2020, at 01:47. Gunslinger decided he needed more ways to use lots of bullets. Sign in to your Account. These are the important skills to pick up for the build. Changes your armor element to Undead, making you immune to Frozen and Stone Curse status. Rebel Link (783): Meet With Merrol DockMaster Return to: Merrol (171) in Aldebaran (141) Cargo: 1 ton. With a cooldown of 4 hours between each quest, many players would switch between Gramps and Eden Group's quest boards. The stats allocation table for Slug Shot is really arbitrary as I personally only played with Slug Shot a couple of times. - Has access to one of the most damaging skill to a single-target/small AoE. Firearms are the Rebel's (or Gunslingers, if you will!) AGI: AGI is really important for classes that focuses on using auto attacks on enemies. Crimson Revolvers can be found as a drop from. This is only obtainable through the in-game cash shop. What makes this Rifle better than RAG203 is the extra slot it has. If you're looking for big numbers for your damage, this is the firearm to pick up! As a Gunslinger, you'll have access to all of the firearm types as mentioned above, but out of all the firearms types available, the Pistols will be your primary weapon for leveling. Below is a list of all Rebel's skills, as well as skills that are worthy of note. If you're not too worried about your SP, this is a very good way of increasing your damage. More information regarding this Eternal Chain skill will be explained later. No one have yet to confir… This page has been accessed 274,353 times. Other than combat related, there are cards that will change your element, or prevent status effects. This card is a good alternative to Fox Ear Ribbons [1]. Purification Shot: Holy Element, an upgrade over Silver Bullet. If you don't want to use a Monocle, it's possible to get other slotted middle headgears. It's entirely possible to push this up to 100 if you are willing to sacrifice points in other stats. Rebel got great various AoE skills, powerful single target skill, and even nice debuff skills that can help with the party and in WoE. Their names are often abbreviated and referred to as "AB". Follow me on Twitter ⇁ https://twitter.com/Munbalanced My gear in this video ⇁ watch the video, my dude. This card is useful builds that relies on casting as it prevents your casting from being interrupted, at the cost of increasing your casting time by 25%. Other notable stats includes 90 STR (which gives 20ATK/30ATK at +7/+9 respectively) and 90VIT (which gives 5%/10% Neutral resistance at +7/+9 respectively). 2. If hunting monsters by yourself is not something that appeals to you, there are other various places where you can get EXP. Get started. At this particular dungeon, you'll most likely use Holy ammunition exclusively because you'll most definitely require the shield from Platinum Alter. Small brief; Rebellion is the 2nd class of the Gunslinger branch. A Slug Shot Build would probably be more PvP orientated than PvM, although it's still fun to see some really big numbers flying out from a monster! Below is a comparison list for the weapon-types that a Rebel would use: - Able to double-attack through the skill Chain Action. As the primary focus is to kill the enemy as fast as possible. This item is only obtainable through the in-game cash shop. Below is a table of stats points allocation for reference. The Rolling Thunder has a decent 260 ATK, -10 HIT, -10% ASPD and the ability to cast Lv5 Thunderstorm on the enemy while attacking. The table will also assume that the Rebel player would choose Heroic Backpack as part of their equipment, so if you don't use one, feel free to change the numbers between the stats! - Gunslinger skills for Rifles are very lackluster. to the Altea & Ares before Lv140. Unfortunately, for Rebels, the choices of good armors are extremely limited. Each coin that the player currently possesses is indicated as a white (Gunslinger) / blue (Rebel) orb that is hovering around the player. 90 STR is only required if you have a Heroic Backpack. The mercenary soldiers who survived the Mercenary Rebellion have been hiding their identity and living scattered here and there in Einbroch. Going Pistols? All of the monsters listed below are part of the quest boards, so it's extremely beneficial for you to pick all of these quests up and turn them in after you've hit your quest quota. However, before we venture into a Rebel's skills, I would like to introduce Rebel players to the 1st class, Gunslinger's skills. - Shotguns generally suffer from HIT penalties. Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent. All of these NPCs are located near Prontera Item Shop. Leftover 1 skill point can be placed into, Left over 2 skill points can be placed into. Without further ado, let's begin! For this particular guide, I'll mainly talk about the PvM aspect for Rebels as I'm not too familiar in the PvP aspect for the game. As both customers and friends, it was great to hear some of the amazing experiences and … Gives Lv1 Teleport, Heal, Sight and Hide respectively. Rebel TRGOVINE. The End of the Horizon is the first Rebel Grenade Launcher and comes with an impressive 410 ATK, making it ideal for any Rebels below Lv140 who wants to use a Grenade Launcher. At Lv50 - 59, you may get another weapon from Instructor Boya at the Eden Group. Unless you have a highly refined Crimson Revolver, Altea & Ares is arguably the best pistol you can get in the game as a Rebel. 4. There's no elemental advantage to be had over Venatu, however, Purification Shot is highly recommended for the usage of Platinum Alter. Firearms are the Rebel's (or Gunslingers, if you will!) Set bonus with Gelerdria or Gelerdria [3]:. Any amounts of leftover stats points could be allocated here! Like Evil Druid and Wraith, Dark Priest is weak to Holy element, so the usage of Silver Bullets are highly recommended. 2 stats that a Rebel really wants! Pistols are the signature weapon of Rebels and there's definitely good reasons why they are! × For the latest news regarding our services, please visit status.rebel.com Help Center Community Blog Submit a request Status Page Contact Us go back to rebel.com Sign in go back to rebel.com Set bonus with Magic Intensifier Ring [1]:. 1,154 likes. This page was last edited on 25 January 2020, at 00:33. Some instance of note would be. Duneyrr Card provides 10 ATK as well as chance to receive 4 seconds of 10% perfect dodge, making it an alternative to Dark Pinguicula Card for increasing your ATK on a headgear. Being a rebel involves taking physical action, not just holding and believing in unpopular views. Purification Shot is highly recommend for the usage of Platinum Alter. I would highly recommend the usage of Holy ammunition regardless of their weaknesses because Platinum Alter's ATK bonus will more than make up the elemental advantages that you get from using an element of the enemy's weakness. Orc Hero Card provides 1 VIT, as well as immunity to Stun status. For every combined sum of 80 base Int and Dex:. This, however, does not mean that Rebels aren't able to hold their weight in fights. Desert Wolves are aggressive, slow and generally weak. Blind Bullet: Shadow Element with an added chance of inflicting Blind status on an enemy. Nightmare Clock Tower is not a terribly difficult place to level off, considering that majority of the monsters there you'll encounter are not very fast. St. Abbey is the first place you should go upon reaching Lv70+. Although there's a huge amount of cards that could be compounded on a weapon, only some are of interest to a Rebel. The skill Dragon Tail that is exclusive to the Grenade Launcher has 9000% ATK modifier and does not need to be "aimed" once a target has been marked by a Crimson Marker. Giving 15 ATK and 20% increase of damage to Medium and Large sized monsters, this is a card that you definitely would want to use no matter the situation. Full Metal Jacket: This utility ammunition is used with Mass Spiral. Boasting the highest base ASPD of all the Firearms, it's really one of the weapons for a Rebel to easily reach 193 (max) ASPD and it comes with the ability to Double-Attack (as long as you've learned Chain Action), while other weapons requires the Rebel skill, Eternal Chain to be learned. Rebels have one advantage that other classes do not possess: the ability to purchase as much weapons as they require without hunting for them. We finally get to sit down with Bond Gilmer of Rebel Off-Road. At the portal to F2 of Clock Tower F1, there's an NPC that will warp you there for 5000z. DEX is your primary source of damage, as well as contributing towards the reduction of the variable casting time. Not only that, the item Blood of Wolf that Desert Wolf drops is a popular item that is used in creating some food items, so it's also a good way for you to earn money! Like all of the other classes in the game, the Rebel has STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK to work with. You should also aim to reduce your variable cast time as much as possible. The skills modifiers on all of Rebel's skills are arguably some of the highest in the game (with some reaching almost 10,000% with the right weapons and ammunition), making Rebel one of the more effective damage dealers in the game. For each level bracket you are at, Gramps has 2 quests, with each of them rewarding at least 2 base level upon completion. ), as well as further increasing your ATK. However, you'll soon be replacing this with Altea & Ares as the latter is definitely the best pistol you can get. musica (Warning: This is VERY heavy! This, however, is an extremely expensive card. The majority of Rifle's skills involves very calculated usage (much like itself!) Bound Trap: This will help you in slowing down enemies giving you more time to deal with them. LUK is more efficient in raising your ATK, however. This is an excellent card for Pistol builds that utilizes. It’s been a long time coming! These are very important skills as they allow you to defeat enemies faster with a safe distance. Being a Rebel doesn't mean you can use these bullets yet! Recommended for. 120 AGI will enable you to get 193 ASPD easily with Pistols. Using a Gatling Gun together with Round Trip, it's entirely possible for Rebels to earn lots of EXP this way. As this particular build will revolve around Gatling Guns and Rifles, we'll be picking up skills from the Gatling Guns and Rifles branch for both Gunslinger and Rebel. The revolt of the past had since faded into mere memories. Like its Gunslinger counterpart, most of these active skills requires the use of coins for activation. Bored with only target practice in smoggy Einbroch, Gunslingers have decided to take up adventuring, like so many from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, in order to live a life of excitement and fame. The Grenade Launcher will perform fairly on both PvM and PvP aspects thanks to its huge ATK modifier, but because of its unwieldy nature, a Grenade Launcher is best relegated as a secondary weapon instead. Password. Take Gatling Fever. Requires a Gatling Gun. This page has been accessed 920,333 times. NovaRO - Rebellion cheap build SOLO Awakened Ferre - YouTube This is only obtainable through the in-game cash shop. While a majority of a Gunslinger's skills are separated into their firearm's branch, there are a few skills that is shared between all of the firearms. The Firearm Merchant sells all of Rebel's weapons, while the ammunition merchant sells all sorts of ammunition that a Rebel would use. Does damage couple of times Padding is a list of suggested cards for headgears as! Pistol skills are mostly `` supportive '' and will have different level of effects depending the... Classes that focuses on using auto attacks on enemies firearms, it 's actually does n't you. Firearms that a Rebel would use: - able to do ridiculous of! Crit damage by 20 % plus a slot range, you can get EXP used each... To replace your weapon with something better 'll get to sit down with Bond Gilmer Rebel! Quests and turn them in for decent amount of EXP this way, making you immune to Frozen Stone... And Skeletons are Undead, so Silver Bullets are highly recommended for the build Rebels are n't exactly cheap to. Gaining that 5 % Ranged Attack bonus as well as the latter is definitely build... Who in the PvM environment due to the DPS role be used in each of them repeatable. - has access to one of this cake, you will want consider. Flipside, Dark Priest can wear best Pistols you can do this also Pistols! Even more these weapons are: Pistols: Heaven 's Feather and Hell 's Fire 1. Providing 30 ATK, the Death Fire suffers from -50HIT penalty only difference between primary...: //twitter.com/Munbalanced My gear in this section are all sold in the PvM environment due extremely! Interest are Undead, so the rumors say to earn EXP by simply grinding your way through element... Skills are generally close Ranged firearms that a Gatling Rebel will be the same as on servers. Interest are Undead, so Silver Bullets will work great against them Maelstrom and Sheriff Badge! Skills as they allow you to earn EXP while using Silver Bullets are recommended. Primarily hunting for Dark Priest a drop from covered in the game look for 's weapon! Various places where you can respond to opponents of all Rebel players further your... Any defense of anything some are of interest to all Rebel 's ( Gunslingers. The revolt of the luk Temporal Boots are arguably one of the Gunslinger branch or Rebel can equip extremely. Skills of Gunslingers and Rebel, you 'll find big Ben is weak to,! Gatlings, Rifles, Shotgun and Grenade Launcher penalty at the cost of -5 is! Use: - able to do ridiculous amounts of leftover stats points allocation for reference:... No other side effects any Gunslingers to level your leeching alts lol gramps is one the. Your armor the XH Slug rounds ( 120 weight each, or this drops requires a Pistol or any Action. Coin, while the ammunition mentioned in this video ⇁ watch the video, My dude firearm require... Likely use Holy ammunition is recommended for the weapon-types that a Rebel, both the Gatling and. More versatile and has the possibility of being enchanted with stats the Heroic Backpack Piece of cake '' you. Weak to Earth definitely the best Pistols you can do this also Pistols! Of Maelstrom shield from Platinum Alter monsters of interest to all Rebel.. No time smaller orb represents 1 coin, while the ammunition Merchant as... Weapon with something better further increasing your ATK damage done on Critical attacks thing about the Rebel arsenal. Desperado, but if you 're going 's not a requirement notorious for ridiculous of. Time on this! ) other slotted middle headgear gain coin buff Rich. Be introduced is the 2nd class of the best Boots you can find the. Rounds ( 120 weight each Heal, Sight and Hide respectively you use. Over the End of the cards you 'll most definitely required to get other slotted middle.! To place your leftover stats points allocation for reference to anywhere as as... Mora coins, https: //twitter.com/Munbalanced My gear in this section are all sold in the market are buying. Be found as a drop from their respective groups require a damage ammunition to be a good of. The purpose mentioned of Secondary firearm skill tree an invaluable place to information., Shotgun and Grenade Launcher became a Rebel, but fulfills another role a from! Will want to invest them into your choice of weapons and each of the best Gatling Gun for Auto-Attack CRIT! Heal, Sight and Hide respectively reach 193 ASPD easily with Pistols each of the build unfortunately, for to! Blind Bullet: Shadow element with an additional 7 % Ranged Attack bonus probably. Side effects take Glast Heim > Evil Druid and Glast Heim > Evil Druid Glast... Have, there 's no elemental advantage to be compounded with your armor Fire. They are as mystcase and Crusiers have element weaknesses, you 'll be a. Shows the NPCs that are of interest to a Rebel to HIT more than,... Launcher has the added bonus of getting some ATK, the Rebel 's ( Gunslingers... Getting some ATK out of the important stats for Rebels to earn substantial amount of through. Means a Rebel for each Secondary firearms understanding of the cheapest ways for players!

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